OFAB Nigeria 2018/2019 Media Award Call for Application

The Open Forum on Agricultural Biotechnology (OFAB) Nigeria Chapter has launched the call, inviting application for the third edition of its media award. This award aims at recognizing exemplary journalism that stimulates best practices in the adoption of agricultural technologies –, particularly agricultural biotechnology.

The African wide award known as the Pan-African Agricultural Innovations in Agriculture and Development (PAID) was initiated to reward and promote credible agricultural biotechnology reportage. The award also seeks to recognize outstanding journalist in all media genres involved in the coverage of agricultural biotechnology stories in Sub-Saharan Africa. The awards are in the following categories;

  1.      Agricultural Biotechnology Impact Story Award
  2.      Agricultural Biotechnology Journalist of the year Award
  3.      Emerging Biotechnology Journalist Award (18 to 25 years)
  4.      Biotechnology Blogger Award
  5.      Agricultural Biotechnology Documentary Award

Specific objectives of the award include the following:

  1. To appreciate the contribution of journalists in promoting sustainable agricultural technologies particularly agricultural biotechnology
  2. To improve the quality of agricultural journalism and motivate journalists and media houses to capture impact stories and report on innovative agricultural biotechnology and other agricultural technologies.
  3. To promote innovative best-practices in agricultural biotechnology and other agricultural technologies that address challenges of food insecurity, climate change and sustainable development.


  • The award is open to ALL science journalists in Nigeria, in the broadcast (television, radio, and online) and print media
  • The entry should be a story published or aired between June 2018 and June 2019
  • Only one entry is allowed per applicant


  1. Deadline for submission of entries is 14th July 2019
  2.  Entries for the Print category should consist of a scanned copy of the original story (in PDF format) without any alteration to the content of the story published. Applicants should ensure that their PDF documents are clear and sharp. Entries with blurred documents would not be considered.
  3. Online journalists’ entries should include a clearly written and hyperlinked URL address. Screenshots of websites where stories are published are not accepted.
  4. TV entries should be uploaded to YouTube (www.youtube.com) and radio pieces to SoundCloud (www.soundcloud.com). Applicants should provide the web links to their uploaded stories in the entry form.
  5. Each applicant is expected to provide a synopsis to the story submitted, 150-word biography, and a 200-word piece explaining the motivation for the story on a separate sheet.
  6. Any alteration to the original story nullifies the entry. All entries and accompanying documents should be submitted by email to  ofabmediaawards@gmail.com 

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For further enquiries, please contact the following members of the award committee:

Dr. Rose Gidado,

Country Coordinator,

OFAB Nigeria & Assistant Director, NABDA.


Alex Abutu,

Communication Expert

AATF, Nigeria


Aishat Umar,

Communication Officer,

OFAB, Nigeria & Principal Information Officer, NABDA


Abraham Isah,

Program Assistant,

OFAB, Nigeria